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About Us


Your solution partner for predictive maintenance systems and custom-made complete solutions

Since 2016, Delphisonic has been developing pioneering, artificial intelligence for instruments and measurement applications and cloud-based software solutions for railway, wind turbine, marine, aviation, oil&gas and industrial manufacturing process.


  • Railway Platforms
  • Wind Turbine Platforms
  • Marine Platforms
  • Aviation Platforms
  • Oil&Gas Platforms
  • Industry 4.0. Platforms


  • Multilayer Manufacturing
  • Big Data & Data Science
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Cloud-Based Software


  • Consultancy Services
  • Certification Services
  • Feasibility Projects
  • Industry Coordination

R&D Fundıng Program

  • EU Research and Innovation Programme
    Horizon 2020


What if all complex machines could speak to us about their needs, via the Cloud?

Delphisonic uses the language of vibration to understand what machines would want to tell us about their condition.

Delphisonic is a complete solution provider for custom-made complete solutions and AI-Based predictive maintenance systems.

Focusing on Customers

We focus on our customers who benefit from our technical expertise as well as the more than 11 years of tried and tested experience we have gained in the field of industrial measurement technology. It is important to us to work closely with customers to determine their precise needs and requirements. This approach is reflected in our product range as well as in the long-term customer relationships we have established. A multitude of medium-sized companies, world renowned industrial groups as well as research laboratories, authorities and universities place their trust in us and benefit from our many years of experience. We provide them with services ranging from pre-engineering through to training, whether for standard measurement systems or custom-made complete solutions.


The continuous development of our products and maintaining the highest standards of quality are primary aims at Delphisonic. Delphisonic is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. This guarantees that our products meet the most stringent of quality assurance requirements and will provide reliable service for your applications.

Artificial Intelligent Measurement Technology

Our aim is to supply our global customers with intelligent and universal big data analytics equipment and user-friendly cloud-based software. We achieve this through ongoing technological progress. Our customers need to be able to carry out their measurement and real-time condition monitoring tasks efficiently and securely. Based on our many years of experience, we have extensive knowledge about AI-Based products and applications and work permanently on technological innovations and new features for our products. Our innovations have been patented worldwide.

Your Custom-Made Complete Solution

Flexibility and simple structures are further building blocks within our company philosophy. This means we meet the needs of the customer. We provide standard solutions as well as custom-made complete systems. We make Arm-Based Processors embedded multichannel system measurement device according to your specific needs and program them to your own personal requirements using DS-X cloud-based software.

Customer Service

Customer service has top priority at Delphisonic. Our services include project planning, system installation, calibration, hotline services, courses, and project-based, tailor-made training sessions. System installation and training is carried out by a competent team of experienced engineers either at Delphisonic or at the customer’s premises. Our package of services guarantees you first rate support from the outset!

Our Skills

Common Sense for your Machine

Product Development90%
Product Design80%
Cloud-Based Software95%
Engineering Know-How85%