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Delphisonic, utilizing industrial internet in the digital world with a motto of common sense for your machine

 ” If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration “
Nikola Tesla

Common sense for your machıne

Features of Delphisonic

Plug & Play

Install DS device and immediately start monitoring

Smart Phone Application Available on

User Friendly Interface

DS-X makes it easy to create powerful, user-friendly web applications with components that just work.

Early Alarm System for Failure

Anomaly detection in predictive maintenance with time series analysis

Where The Innovatıon Never Stops


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  • Energy
  • IoT
  • Transportatıon
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Our Services

We are an innovative company. We develop and design apps for
customers around the world. Our clients are some of the most forward-looking companies in the world.


  • Railway Platforms
  • Wind Turbine Platforms
  • Marine Platforms
  • Aviation Platforms
  • Oil&Gas Platforms
  • Industry 4.0.


  • Multilayer Manufacturing
  • Big Data & Data Science
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Cloud-Based Software


  • Consultancy Services
  • Certification Services
  • Feasibility Projects
  • Industry Coordination

R&D Fundıng Program

EU Research and Innovation Programme
Horizon 2020

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Training/Talent Acceleration

We build people. This simply means that we under the importance of talent in the tech ecosystem and we are passionate about grooming young talent into top-notch developers