DS-sP Solution for Smart Marine Transportation

Delphisonic DS-sP Real-Time Marine Condition Monitoring Solution

The Delphisonic DS-sP Marine Condition Monitoring offers predefined templates for marine machines and specific condition monitoring database settings such as class alarm levels. It is possible to transfer the collected ship data via the Delphisonic DS-X Cloud-Based Software Platform to the Predix, Azure or AWS Cloud, from which it can be accessed and analyzed by the Delphisonic Remote Diagnostic Centre (DRDC) team to support the ship’s engineer or the fleet technical manager, or directly by customers. The analyses and reports are presented in a clear and actionable manner to support ship’s engineers in performing maintenance activities.

DS-sP Engine&Gearbox Prognostics and Health Management

Health monitoring and predictive maintenance technology is essential for lowering engine operating costs. However, reliable prognostic algorithms are challenging due to the dynamic conditions faced by gearbox and mechanical equipment. Learn about health assessment analysis techniques for marine engine including a multi-regime approach to segmenting data.


The marine industry faces a constant state of evolution because of challenges such as the pressure to be competitive with other types of transportation and the growing need to reduce operating and maintenance costs. DS-sP Marine condition monitoring offers you a way to reduce the cost of ownership for these critical engines by predicting failures before they occur, which helps you effectively schedule proper maintenance.


With Delphisonic DS-sP you will find the flexibility you need. Focused on you, our client, we adapt our service to your requirements.


  • Delphisonic DS-sP condition monitoring solutions
    Together with our partners, we coordinate building, mounting and handing over of the systems as a fully operational solution. You will receive a DS-sP system that is absolutely ready to go.
  • Customer-specific solutions. With our DS-X Cloud-Based Software, your vibration specialists can use all monitoring and diagnostic functions without external support.
  • Combination of both solutions. Would you like to manage the operation and maintenance of your monitoring system and database server yourself? And still have access to diagnostic experts to assess your maintenance needs? Simply select the relevant components from our modular range of services.

Alarm Management System

Intelligently reduces the flood of alarms that often occur when monitoring marine engine, due to variations in operating conditions.



  • Help maximize the availability of your critical and auxiliary machinery
  • Simplify maintenance and reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Give an early indication of possible problems
  • Easy to set up, use and understand (Plug&Play Installation)